Did NME Post False Pitchfork Best-Of's?

Since these two websites could use a traffic boost, we thought we would help perpetrate this rumor.

Last Friday, NME presented their year-end best-of results as well as a "super-list" -- an aggregate of many of the internet's critical best-of lists. Despite the fact that all of the best-of lists presented were painfully similar making an aggregate pretty much unnecessary and equally unexciting, one list did draw some attention.

Included in the story was a run-down of Pitchfork's top 10 records of the year (listed as their number one was "Best New Music" posterboy of the last two years, Deerhunter for Microcastle), but a quick peek at their site this week would tell you that their top 10 records of the year won't be unveiled until this coming Friday the 19th. So is NME's list for real?

Not according to The Daily Swarm's Todd Roberts, who posted yesterday that the list is "reportedly false". With no further information to go on, we're left to wait until Friday. Or help push along the rumor until someone cracks.

Did NME Post False Pitchfork Best-Of's?