Micachu And The Shapes Announce Debut LP

You might've seen them (we definitely did) at CMJ this year, even though they don't look old enough to get in to a club. The front woman and namesake is Mica Levi, better known (along with her newly formed band) as Micachu and The Shapes, and the band's debut album is set for release in February on Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records.

The music is a mix of grime mixtape, hip-hop, house, drum and bass, pop, synth and a lot of little pitstops in between. Mica describes the debut album, Jewellery, as "a collection of pop songs, old and new, about all kinds of nonsense."

It's bound to be the kind of nonsense that's good to listen to, because Mica has already done some pretty big stuff at just 21 years old. She's composed a symphony for the London Philharmonic Orchestra (to be performed in April), she's invented an instrument (the 'Chu), and she counts among her fans no less than Bjork, the queen of things nonsensical that are good to listen to.

Micachu's band The Shapes (keyboardist Raisa Kahn and drummer Marc Pell) came together about halfway through the recording process for Jewellery, which Mica said "breathed life into the record."

Jewellery Track listing
01. Vulture
02. Lips
03. Sweetheart
04. Eat Your Heart
05. Curly Teeth
06. Golden Phone
07. Abandon Ship
08. Just In Case
09. Calculator /Floor
10. Worst Bastard
11. Wrong
12. Turn Me Well
13. Guts
14. Hardcore

Micachu And The Shapes Announce Debut LP