New Music Thursdays - Anamanaguchi

[Photo by Ethan Saks]

Again we use the term "new" loosely, as Anamanaguchi has been leading NYC's 8-bit power-pop charge since at least the middle of this millennium's first decade.

Having recently released their debut album Power Supply on 8BITPEOPLES, the group proudly lists the original Nintendo Entertainment System as one of their primary instruments. Fresh off their performance at the Blip Festival -- a fest dedicated to "archaic game and home computer hardware that is recast into the unlikely role of musical instrument" (does that make me archaic for owning those systems when they came out?) -- the full live performance band consists of Peter Berkman (Guitar/NES), James DeVito (Bass), Luke Silas (Drums) and Ary Warnaar (Guitar/GameBoy.

Power Supply can be downloaded completely on Anamanaguchi's page on the 8BITPEOPLES website, but were posted the two most popular tracks that are full of "hyper-melodic, electric powerpop flavor."

Anamanaguchi - "Power Supply"

Anamanaguchi - "Helix Nebula"

New Music Thursdays - Anamanaguchi