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Witchdoctor Transforms Into Dracular

It's been a bumpy and exciting ride with Dungeon Family weirdo (and FADER-fave) Witchdoctor. From the expensive albums available only online, to the supposed book series, to The Diary of an American Witchdoctor (with liner notes by FADER-alum Will Welch!) According to our up to the minute newswire (MySpace bulletins), Witchdoctor is working on some sort of Dracula concept album called Transylvania, in which he raps as Dracular. We're not entirely clear on what brought this transformation about, but we would like to publicly ask Witchdoctor if the name change is permanent, and also if he has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Hit his MySpace to hear new songs, and click here to read Will Welch's story on Witchdoctor from F35.

Witchdoctor Transforms Into Dracular