Muscles Suing Modular Records Over Tour Appearance

Nothing like the holidays for drama, drama, drama, and boy have we got some for you -- Muscles is suing his own record label.

It's your basic label arranges tour for musician, label backs out, label still markets musician as being on said tour situation -- Australian dance label Modular Records asked Muscles to perform on the Neverland Tour, but one month later they "reneged on the arrangements that had been agreed with Muscles."

Here, we'll let him do the talking.

On 23 October Modular Records offered a spot to Muscles on the Nevereverland Tour. The terms and conditions of the engagement were immediately agreed without any fuss and Muscles started looking forward to, and began preparing for the start of the Tour.

However, just over a month later on 28 November 2008, Modular Records reneged on the arrangements that had been agreed with Muscles. Muscles reluctantly had no choice but to cancel all of his arrangements for his new Live Show and Tour, immediately advising his fans that his record company had reneged on the arrangements and that he would not be part of the Tour. Despite having reneged on its agreement with Muscles, Modular Records continued to promote Muscles as being part of the Tour. Modular clearly lied to the public about Muscles’ appearance.

Apparently Modular also told the public that the choice not to perform on the tour was made on the part of Muscles, not the label. But according to him, "Muscles was looking forward to, excited about and very keen to participate on the Tour, and was gutted by Modular’s decision to prevent him from appearing."

Enter the big guns. Muscles has "sought legal advice" and it seems proceedings will kick off soon against Modular both for reneging on the contract and defaming the artist through their discussion of his decision not to perform on the tour.

Muscles Suing Modular Records Over Tour Appearance