Biggest News Stories Of 2008, #6 - My Bloody Valentine Reunites

With no rhyme or reason, our editorial staff chooses the top 10 biggest music-related news stories of 2008. Coming in at #6: the My Bloody Valentine reunion.

Chances are if you're a moody 30-something who wore slanted bangs before "emo" made it cool and thinks shoegaze was born and died with the release of Loveless, then undoubtedly My Bloody Valentine's reunion at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties New York installment was your biggest news story of the year.

First reported on The Daily Swarm, with rumors swirling of the reunion, speculation was they would land at Coachella instead.

Is the long wait finally over? My Bloody Valentine, the legendary sonic sculptors of feedback and tremelo who helped define the shoegaze movement only to disband after releasing just two full length albums, is set to make its first live appearance in more than a decade at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA in April, 2008. According to sources in the United States and the United Kingdom who are familiar with the negotiations, the band is close to signing a deal that will see a reunited My Bloody Valentine headline Coachella, scheduled for April 25–27, before embarking on a world tour sometime later in 2008.

Of course that rumor was kind of correct. The band was reuniting and coming to the States, but as updated by NME, Coachella founder and organizer Paul Tollett explained why the legendary shoegazers will not be performing at the Coachella Festival this year.

“I was hanging out with (My Bloody Valentine frontman) Kevin (Shields) over at the Led Zeppelin (reunion concert in December), and he said it was just too early,” Tollett said. “Coachella’s in April and I don’t think they’ll be ready yet.”

Instead, as The Daily Swarm broke, they would be playing and curating the New York installment of ATP. And all it cost lucky waiting fans was $225. Oh, and another $450 - $1050 for accommodations. Hey, MBV never claimed to be a band of the people.

You can read how it all played out here.

Biggest News Stories Of 2008, #6 - My Bloody Valentine Reunites