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Freeload: Izza Kizza f. Missy Elliot, “Walk the Dawg”

February 13, 2008

Here's how the story of us and Izza Kizza goes: Someone came into the office and played us his music and we were like HOLY SHIT this dude raps like Timbaland sounds! He's like a male Missy. Or maybe a rap R Kelly. He clearly does not care what we think makes sense or is cool, e.g. dude says I want my babyback babyback babyback ribs in this song and it sounds awesome. So then we featured him in the "House That Tim Built" feature in the current issue of the magazine, and then he tore down his first live performance ever at that issue's release party. And now we have his first single, featuring Lady Missdemeanor, and we're back at HOLY SHIT! See how that works? Get it below. PS- Dude's MySpace is incredible.

Download: Izza Kizza f. Missy Elliot, "Walk the Dawg"

Posted: February 13, 2008
Freeload: Izza Kizza f. Missy Elliot, “Walk the Dawg”