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Live: Machel Montano at Madison Square Garden

March 31, 2008

When we put Machel Montano on the cover of F43 he talked about wanting to do a show involving like, jetpacks and other insane things. He may not have accomplished the jetpack concept yet, but his live shows are always epic. We sent former FADER staffer and permanent FADER fam (and soca expert) Aliya Best to snap some pics and give us the rundown. Check out some more pictures, an awesome video of a little girl dancing onstage, and Aliya's thoughts after the jump.

Machel was amazing as expected, his show more scaled down than
the last one at MSG but with the same size crowd and energy. This time, I was
actually down in front wilding out myself rather than up in the decks. This show had a Caribbean unity and cultural history feel. The opening acts were from around the islands— Problem Child from St. Vincent, Peter Ram from Barbados and Tizzy from Antigua. During Machel's performance he brought out The Mighty Sparrow (The Calypso King of the World!) who's been in the game for more than 50 years, David Rudder (30 years) and the son of Lord Kitchener who passed away in 2000.

These are artists I grew up on, my parents grew up on, and even my grandparents listened to when they were younger. That's the thing
about calypso/soca music, you could be 60 years old, be in the game
for 40 years and still have a hit today with the younger generation.
Of course, Patrice Roberts performed solo and together with Machel and
former Xtatic member Farmer Nappy, Also, some old and new
members of Desperados, who are the most well known steel band and
won numerous Panorama competitions during carnival in Trinidad.

Posted: March 31, 2008
Live: Machel Montano at Madison Square Garden