Freeload: El Guincho Mix

March 06, 2008

When Pitchfork slapped their "best new music" tag on El Guincho recently we can't say we were all that surprised. Alegranza, his 2007 album on Discoteca Oceano, has been the soundtrack to our Friday afternoons, Sunday mornings, listless Wednesdays etc etc for a long while now and we have been searching for a way to get the dude on the website or in the magazine. In lieu of just talking about his incredible music that packs innumerable influences into each song, we asked him, Pablo that is, to make us a mix of said influences, and he did it. You can download that below and check the tracklist after the jump. Perfect for pre-Spring/Fall, depending on your hemisphere. Keep a look out for more Guincho stuff with us in the future and if you're in Texas next week definitely check him out at SXSW.

Download: El Guincho Mix


Souley Kanté - Fanga

Bainito Muyanda - Kibaji

Balla et Ses Balladins - Sara 70 (edit)

Los Zafiros - Mirame Fijo

Caetano Veloso - Viola Meu Bem

Milton Nascimento - Saidas e Bandeiras nº2

Marconi Notaro - Desmantelado

Alton Ellis - These Eyes

Adoniran Barbosa e Demonios da Garoa - Saudosa Maloca

Jorge Ben - Barbarella

Lord Kitchener - Kitch You're So Sweet

Damiao Experiença - A Vida É Sempre Assim (edit)

Patience and Prudence - Tonight You Belong To Me

Freeload: El Guincho Mix