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Freeload: Cuizinier, “Quand Tu Maimes”

April 21, 2008

Remember when Cam'ron used to make music? Remember when you used to wonder what Juelz's socks looked like? And what face cream Hell Rell preferred? Jim Jones did a guest column in The FADER. Those were known as the "salad days" around here. Here being this planet. What happened? Who knows? The falling dollar probably. Heatmakerz Surplus x Spending Capacity = Swag Recession. In the meantime, our favorite French ambassador Cuizinier has the final installment of Pour les Filles coming May 12th, and this is the newest song from it, produced by Orgasmic. And guess what? It sounds like vintage Dipset. And it translates to "When You Love Me". Well Europe loves New York right now. So things have shifted across the Atlantic momentarily. Big fucking deal. We still have purple currency.

Download: Cuizinier, "Quand Tu Maimes"

Posted: April 21, 2008
Freeload: Cuizinier, “Quand Tu Maimes”