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Stylee Fridays: Mjolk at Capsule

July 25, 2008

It's always tough to pick favorites at Capsule, just because this particular menswear tradeshow is already a big favorite of ours in itself. As we browsed the clothing racks and neatly stacked piles of button-downs and brogues, it didn't take long to figure out that the Scandinavians had clinched it again. From the geometric covered booties we saw at Stockholm-based footwear line Gram to the black rose printed shirts at Gothenburg-based Velour, all roads seemed to be leading north. Mjolk is actually a menswear line out of London, but Lars, the founder and designer is from Denmark (Mjolk is Danish for "milk"). He's lived in the UK for 14 years so his accent has a London wideboy twang to it with a tiny Nordic lilt. He moved to New York a couple of months ago and we were lucky enough to bump into him at the Mjolk booth (the sales people were having a cigarette break). Lars is really the ultimate posterboy for the line. He wears the cropped sweat-meet-dress pants in a way that makes you want to jump into your own pair and give this new take on casual dress-up a go yourself. It's a good combination of that Scandinavian style we've been banging on about, chopped with a good helping of London eccentricity. The idea for Spring '09 (yes, '09 mind-blowing we know!) was to take the formal out of men's formal wear, so lots of the blazers were amazingly casual with matching pants made from sweatshirt material. It was all we could do not to swipe a pair of Spring '09 shorts while Lars wasn't looking, but honestly the collection is one worth sitting tight for—one we will still be psyched about when it finally hits stores next spring.

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Stylee Fridays: Mjolk at Capsule