Freeload: Gang Gang Dance, “House Jam”

August 20, 2008

In Issue 44, released in March 2007, we wrote about rock bands in Beijing and a young rapper in DC named Wale. Less than two years later, Wale is signed to a big Interscope deal and Beijing is hosting the Olympics. We call it, "blowing shit the fuck up." It's what we do. New York undergroung kings Gang Gang Dance were on the cover of that issue, and the album we discussed in their story, now titled Saint Dymphna, is on the way, and it is going to make them bigger than the Wiggles. It's so good it might even bring grime back in the United States. We're not joking, you'll see. Somehow, Fluxblog got his paws on "House Jam" before we did (we forgot to ask), but we are glad to repost because we are genuinely excited about this record. It comes out on October 21st at which time it will become the soundtrack to everything.*

Download: Gang Gang Dance, "House Jam"

*except sucky stuff

Freeload: Gang Gang Dance, “House Jam”