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Ghetto Palms: Broadcasting Live From Angola / Kuduro pt. II The Electric Boogaloo

September 10, 2008

Every week resident FADER selector Eddie STATS runs through dancehall riddims and other artifacts from the ghetto archipelago.

If you reside in the blogosphere, you would not be totally crazy to think that kuduro’s 15 seconds of fame were pretty much over before the countdown even started, the alpha/omega being DJ Znobia’s infamous non-appearance on M.I.A’s sophomore LP Kala. By the time Buraka Som Sistema started to get some vibes in the dance world, kuduro’s online representatives were limited to 1) BSS, 2) DJ Znobia and 3) BSS ft MIA and DJ Znobia, and you might have reasonably wondered if anybody in Angola was still making this shit or if it was just a figment of Frederic Galliano’s worldbeat fantasies. I experienced something similar with coupe decale after Radioclit put out a 12” from the single best dude in Cote D’Ivoire. Based on a random survey of downloadable coupe decale songs it appeared for a second like lightning struck exactly once and nobody else happened to be standing close enough to Bablee to get shocked.

But a few things have happened this week to indicate that there is some life in the old Mothership yet. UK rapper Afrikan Boy jumped on “Bablee Samuz” for a mixtape joint. Dudes from Africaincorp hit us up and were excited enough about Ghetto Palms/ coverage of Bablee that they started sending me new music, making a "Coupe Decale 2: The Electric Boogaloo" column that much more likely in the near future. Meanwhile back in Angola, Mad Decent gave away the keys to the cidade when they put me on to the existence of kudurofiles.

Kuduro Pt. 2 blend:

Os Defaya, “E´ Show”

Os Kambridgianos, “No Maya”

Buraka Som Sistema, “Deeejay”

DJ Massacre, “Mata Me”

DJ Olavo, “Matuba Yoyo”

Mana Socota, “Noite e Dia”

Download: Ghetto Palms Kuduro Blend Pt. II

Turns out Angolans are going more batshit than ever, at least judging from the sheer volume (and volume) of the tracks from new and unknown artists here that make (to paraphrase one reader’s response to the Znobia column) baile funk sound like Steely Dan. But then if you judged Angola by kuduro you would think all Angolans live at 1000 bpms with their bass overmodulated to +11 all the time and look like waveforms so obese and fuzzy that they cannot be contained by the internet. When they talk they don’t just yell, they rave like portuphone Tony Montanas taking machine gun fire while high on a mountain of cocaine and when they need to lull their babies to sleep, they put on “Esta Loca.”

In fact, if Angolans go as hard in every other sector of life as they do in dance music and sound technology they will be invading China in about 3 years and ruling the world shortly after. Wait, I see here they are the newest member of OPEC and have just surpassed Saudi Arabia as the number one importer of crude oil to China. Hmmm.

PS If you fuck at all with the nu-cumbia phenomenon that’s been happening in cyber-villa lately let me recommend the new Pibe Cosmo mixtape from El Remolon that Zizek just dropped…I do not by any means endorse all the English language raps on there but overall it is about as slow-burning and spookily good as a cumbia mix could be.

From The Collection:

Ghetto Palms
Posted: September 10, 2008
Ghetto Palms: Broadcasting Live From Angola / Kuduro pt. II The Electric Boogaloo