Exclusive Freeload: Surf City, “Headin’ Inside”

September 30, 2008

New Zealand's Surf City, formerly Kill Surf City, will be releasing its self-titled debut EP this November via Morr Music and Forced Exposure, and we've been given the go ahead to give away the first song from it, "Headin' Inside." It is about heading inside for a while, and as you might expect from a band whose name derives from a Jesus & Mary Chain title, this song and all others are washed in bleached hooks and off humor. We've never been to New Zealand, but this EP has convinced us that the whole country is just a golden beach butted by cliffs and smelling faintly of freshly poured beer, ie heaven. Two more songs from the EP, "Records of a Flagpole Skater" and the excellently named "Dickshakers Union" have already been translated into visuals which you can view above and after the jump, respectively, and if you're in or around Wellington, New Zealand, check for the boys in October at Kings Arms, Whammy and Mighty Mighty, all of which sound like incredible places to get in a fight.

Download: Surf City, "Headin' Inside"

"Dickshakers Union"

Posted: September 30, 2008
Exclusive Freeload: Surf City, “Headin’ Inside”