Best Videos Of 2008, #2 - The Acorn "Flood Pt. 1"

A seemingly monumental effort was put into the video for The Acorn's "Flood pt 1". With the trippiest animations, which mirror the song perfectly, it's an absolutely brilliant video! --Zachary Timm

Largely hand-crafted in the winter of 2007 / 08 by a long list of dedicated welders, illustrators, dancers, model makers and animators, the story is told using a bizarre range of life-sized dancing drawings, to raw archival video footage, to puppets made of foam to glaciers made out of wedding cake.

The Acorn- "Flood pt 1"
Production credits below

Production Company - Number Four Films Incorporated
Producer / Director / DOP / Animation / Post FX - Christopher Mills
Dancer / Puppeteer - Andrea Spaziani
Editor / Post FX - Marc DePape
Assistant Editor - Winston Hacking
Art Direction / Production Design - Geordie Lishman, Nicole Aline Legault
Props Builders / Craftspeople -
Reuben Baker
Cameron Balmer
Kayleigh Bathurst
Shawn Begin
Letisha Crombie
Daniel Flavelle
Anthony James
Kyle Jordan
Ionela Klompmaker
Aaron Lavigne
Nicolee Layne
Daniel Morrell
Chris Neves
Paula Nichols
Patrick Rhodes
Dylan Croucher
Anthony D'amato
Galen Dafoe
Rachel Dormon
Jason Edmunds
Dayna George
Andrew Gilbert
Brett Gosling
Ryan Kitagawa
Carmelo Magno
Peter Mendler
Robynne Meringer
Kennett Morgan
David Newman
Brittany Pap
Shadat Patwary
Laura Pitcher
Michelle Spencer
Ryan Stephens
Julisa Stuart
Rachel Weller
Julisa Stuart
Jennifer Wilson
Kevin Zimny

Best Videos Of 2008, #2 - The Acorn "Flood Pt. 1"