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Best Singles Of 2008, #1 - Pretty Much Any Lil Wayne Song


So I’m taking two night classes right now: the history of African American feminism, and the study of cross-cultural sex and gender. Both of these classes have completely inspired me to think about the way my family, my environment, and my surroundings have shaped me. It’s also instilled this sense of egalitarianism: I want equality, sure, but I also want fairness and compromise to come too. So what the fuck is my problem in me putting Weezy at the top? I am a shining example that yep, occasionally, pop culture prevails. Sometimes I guess I just wanna pretend rap about candy and having a lotta money. As my good friend Wendy puts it, “It’s not your fault you have so many interests.” --JENZ

Lil Wayne - "A Milli"

Best Singles Of 2008, #1 - Pretty Much Any Lil Wayne Song