Shattered EP

Matisyahu’s latest release Shattered is a collection of four songs that are each quite unique in their own way. It shows Matisyahu expanding his musicality, pulling influences from other genres and mixing it together with his staple of positive reggae vibes and socially conscience lyrics that have made him an international superstar.

Shattered is a quick listen that wets the listeners palate for what is to come on Matisyahu’s next full length record. It kicks off with “Smash Lies” which is a club hit waiting to happen equipped with a crunchy, Middle Eastern influenced hip-hop beat that Lil Jon would be hard pressed not to bob his head to. The song showcases Matisyahu’s MCing skills by trading some pretty impressive rhymes with another rapper from his crew. It’s an insanely catchy song that will definitely bring in more fans. “So Hi So Lo” is a rocking song that captures the energy of Matisyahu’s live show with soaring vocals, positive lyrics and solid reggae grooves.

One of the best songs on the album is “Two Children One Drop” which has Matisyahu getting back in touch with his reggae roots and mixing them with spacey lo-fi beats creating an international trip-hop blend that perfectly reflects the down trodden main character involved in the stories lyrical narrative. As the main character becomes stronger during the narrative the music builds along with him, when he reaches the peak of his inner strength the song breaks into a heavier Middle Eastern influenced hip-hop beat equipped with sitars and Indian chanters that mirrors the smooth positive flow of Matisyahu’s self empowering lyrical spitfire. It’s a great song with a solid storytelling structure both musically and lyrically. “Two Children One Drop” flows flawlessly in to the final song “I Will Be light”, which plays like the spiritual awakening of the character from the prior song. It’s a upbeat reggae tune that would make Bob Marley proud.

Truthfully this album is almost an annoying tease because it is so good, but so short. The songs will definitely be a pleasing addition to his live shows, so I will definitely be looking forward to seeing them performed live and look forward to the full length album whenever it will be released.

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Shattered EP