Led Zeppelin Will Not Reunite, And That's Final (We Think)

Just in case you'd battened down the hatches for the musical apocalypse, you can breathe a sigh of relief -- Led Zeppelin will not reunite without Robert Plant, now or ever. At least that's what Jimmy Page's manager Peter Mensch is saying this time.

In an interview with MusicRadar yesterday, Mensch made his feelings on the matter pretty clear.

Led Zeppelin are over! If you didn't see them in 2007 [when they played a one-off reunion at London's O2 Arena], you missed them. It's done. I can't be any clearer than that. They tried out a few singers, but no one worked out. That was it. The whole thing is completely over now. There are absolutely no plans for them to continue. Zero. Frankly, I wish everybody would stop talking about it.

Well excuse us, Mr. Mensch. He did confirm that last fall when Plant said he had no intentions of returning to Led Zeppelin that the remaining members of the band did audition replacement vocalists. Our thanks to everything holy that none of them worked out.

MusicRadar also asked if Page has any plans on the table for the coming year, to which Mensch replied, "Fuck if I know. I'm waiting to hear."

Led Zeppelin Will Not Reunite, And That's Final (We Think)