Mahjongg Announces U.S. Tour, Still Into That Whole Kontpab Thing

[photo courtesy of Impose]

They're definitely a little bit weird. But if you're like us, you tend to think that the weird kids often make the best music. So mark your calendars -- Chicago's resident Kontpab experts Mahjongg are hitting the road at the end of the month.

They're sticking mostly to the east side of the country, kicking it off and wrapping it up in the band's home state of Illinois, which seems to be the home base of their, um, revolution. Something about grids and spheres and sects -- all we know for sure is that we're somehow a little better off for listening to their music. We think.

In addition to the tour announcement, they've also released the video for "Free Grooverider," the next single from 2008's Kontpab, which you can check out below. Be prepared for sweet use of the vocoder. The 7" single is also up for grabs through K Records.

Mahjongg U.S. Tour Dates
01.29.09 - Dekalb, Ill. (The House Cafe)
01.30.09 - Grinnell, Iowa (Gardner Lounge, Grinnell College)
01.31.09 - St. Louis, Mo. (Billiken Club)
02.12.09 - Lexington, Ky. (Al's Bar)
02.13.09 - Knoxville, Tenn. (Pilot Light)
02.17.09 - Charlottesville, Va. (Outback Lodge)
02.18.09 - Baltimore, Md. (Floristree)
02.19.09 - State College, Penn. (Chronic Town)
02.20.09 - Bloomington, Ind. (The Cinemat)
02.21.09 - Chicago, Ill. (Hideout)

Mahjongg Announces U.S. Tour, Still Into That Whole Kontpab Thing