Video Premiere - Coupleskate "Laws Of Physics"

While we could wax poetic about Coupleskate, and how their music exists in that place where complex melodies and harmonies meet the simplest rules of a really good bass line, and evocative lyrics float over reverbed guitar solos. In a Jenny Lewis/Ben Gibbard kind of way, Andrea Bauer’s casual, calm voice has this way of pulling you in, its very tonality hinting that she knows something she’s not giving away just yet, we we did that last week.

That was also when we also hosted their tracks, "Friends In Pharmacies" and "Laws Of Physics", the latter of which we are proud to debut their video for. Just finished and sent to us upon reading the New Music Thursday post, the girls in Coupleskate get up close in personal during this performance video for "Laws Of Physics" produced by Gus Gavino and

Coupleskate - "Laws Of Physics"
Produced by Gus Gavino and

Video Premiere - Coupleskate "Laws Of Physics"