Big Business Announce Details Of New Album, Release First Single

With a new guitarist in tow and a months spent with producer Phil Ek recording the follow-up to 2007's Here Come The Waterworks, Big Business is finally pleased to announce the completion of their new full length album, Mind The Drift. Oh, and that they "think it turned out great."

While the band hasn't had time to address the millennial types on the internet who have been asking the things like, "What's up with the new album? Why's it taking so long? How come you guys don't play that one song anymore or have merchandise at your shows?", they're label Hydra Head took the time today to address the throngs. Among the news they revealed is the release of a new track that coincides with the announcement of the record -- "Gold And Final" -- which you can listen to now at their MySpace page.

So while you're listening to "Gold And Final", we suggest you read through these Hydra Head released factoids about the upcoming Big Business record:

FACT #1:
Producer Phil Ek (insert famous bands like The Shins here) has again evolved the band's grandiose sound and taken the Biz into new sonic territories!

FACT #2:
Guitarist and newest band member Toshi Kasai adds new voice and dimension, and looks good doing it. You can actually hear the handsome.

FACT #3:
Most of the instrumental tracks were recorded at AVAST! Studios in Seattle, WA. in June and July of 2008.

FACT #4:
Due to the busy touring schedule of Big Biz and the Melvins, most of the vocals, as well as some overdubs and mixing, had to be postponed until late November of 2008. The album was completed in Los Angeles (well, actually, Burbank to be precise). (That's a two-fer.)

FACT #5:
While recording Jared's vocals, Phil Ek kept a loaded sawed-off shotgun in the control room.

FACT #6:
Hydra Head Records will be releasing the album on LP/CD/Digital this April. But more news on that later...

Big Business Announce Details Of New Album, Release First Single