The Hood Internet – "A Song For Ice Cream Girls" (Wale Vs. Parenthetical Girls)


Just when you thought the mash-up was a thing of the past (ie: 2008), The Hood Internet has kicked off 2009 with a friendly reminder it’s not a dead art form yet.

Despite some rather paltry attempts as of late, the mash-up doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So it’s a welcome surprise when we get our hands on one that doesn’t make us shake our head in disbelief, shouting “Why God, why?”

This marrying of the artistic minds brings mixtape marathon runner Wale’s “Ice Cream Girls” into the experimental pop world of Parenthetical Girls (”A Song For Ellie Greenwich”).

The Hood Internet – “A Song For Ice Cream Girls” (Wale Vs. Parenthetical Girls)

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  1. jacko says:

    funny i thought i saw that sentiment expressed elsewhere… hmmmm