Albarn & Hewlett To Start Work On New Gorillaz Album In March

We gave you the heads up yesterday about Damon Albarn's appearance on BBC's Radio 1 to preview new Gorillaz tracks, and despite the fact that he and Jamie Hewlett jokingly broke up live on the radio (you can still hear the whole show here), the talk today is about Albarn's comments on recording sessions for their third album kicking off in March.

Albarn played two Gorillaz demos on last night's show, and confirmed that work on the follow-up to 2005's Demon Days will begin with a collaboration in Syria in just under two months. Albarn credited the location choice to his "fascination with Arabic orchestral music."

The two demos were "Electric Shock", a track Albarn had previously debuted live at Africa Exprez (which features those Arabic rhythms we're sure to be hearing more of) and "Broken". Albarn said he'd started writing "Electric Shock" several months ago. "It's rough and not finished by any means, but hopefully people will enjoy it. I come back to a song a lot of times, but six months is the maximum. It's hard to tell when a song's finished."

The show also included highlights from Blur's 1997 sessions with DJ John Peel at Peel Acres and other favorite tracks of Albarn's.

Albarn & Hewlett To Start Work On New Gorillaz Album In March