Trouble Andrew Featuring Diplo - "Run Hide"

He's a world champion snowboarder. He's engaged to Santogold. And now he's putting out his self-titled debut on Virgin Records. His name is Trevor Andrew, but after Feb. 10 you'll probably know him better as Trouble -- and we've got a preview for you right here.

Trouble Andrew has been to two Olympic Games and had numerous World Cup wins, but when the Nova Scotia native broke his knee in 2005, he turned to music. Encouraged by his fiancee, who bought him a four-track recorder, a Gibson guitar and Peavey amp, he dove in and created what would become his self-titled debut album.

It was originally recorded in 2007, so the Feb. 10 release is a remixed and remastered version, including one new song, "What's So Strange About Me." His sound is a combination of the punk, rock, hip-hop, skate, surf and snowboard cultures he was raised on. He calls it "crunkrock pop."

Trouble is writing songs now for the follow-up to his debut, which is expected for release this summer. And you won't find this track on his album -- check out "Run Hide" featuring Diplo below.

Trouble Andrew feat. Diplo - "Run Hide"

Trouble Andrew Featuring Diplo - "Run Hide"