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Octopus Project - "I.O.I.O." (Bee Gees Cover)

The Octopus ProjectThe Octopus Project recently offered up this delightful little cover the Bee Gees’ “I.O.I.O” for free download as a gift to fans. Josh, Miranda, and Toto all take turns on the vocals, which are incredibly well harmonized for a band that doesn't sing very often. The result of which has some wondering if maybe the instrumental group will be trying out some new vocals on their next album and others asking where the Theremin is?

Their yet-to-be-titled new album which they’re anticipating releasing next Fall. In the meantime, they have an EP which should be available soon, and includes the UK 7″ tunes “Wet Gold” and “Moon Boil” as well as some Hello, Avalanche holdovers.

From the Octopus Project: Our first foray as a band began back in 1999 with a Christmas release of sorts, and we thought we'd continue that tradition with a special little release for all of you. As a Christmas gift to you fine folks, we would like to give you our cover of the Bee Gees song, "I.O.I.O." This version features Josh, Yvonne, and Toto (respectively) all taking vocal duties. We recorded it in our practice space and even snuck into a giant stairwell at the University of Texas to get some insane reverb. Needless-to-say it was a blast to make, and we hope you all enjoy it!

Octopus Project - "I.O.I.O." (Bee Gees Cover)

Octopus Project - "I.O.I.O." (Bee Gees Cover)