The Singles Collection - Wild About Jenkem, Wizzard Sleeve, Nice Face

By Jason Jackowiak

Hello again ladies and gents, it's time once again to gather 'round the old Victrola and lend an ear to some of the tastiest slabs of small wax currently littering the shelves of your favorite record emporium or web store. This week, we've got one of the stankiest comps of recent memory, as well as a pair of singles from bands that both contributed to the aforementioned compilation. So get your balloons out, it's time to start huffing.

To kick things off this week, we've got one of the more notorious compilations to have come down the pipe in quite some time; the mildly disgusting-yet-always entertaining Wild About Jenkem, released on the upstart Killer Diller Records label. First off, you are probably wondering what the hell jenkem is, well, for the full story, read this. But to make a long story short, it's a hallucinogenic 'drug' made from fermented human feces. Yes, you read that correctly; fermented human feces. Its dubious inspiration aside, the ten songs here, all of which are a minute or less, are utterly fantastic, gnarled and snotty, stinky and disorientating, just like jenkem. Particular standouts are Nice Face's "Juju For Jenkem", a 45-second blown-out rager that makes sticking your face in a balloon of this shit actually sound appealing, Gaye Blades' "My Shit Belongs To Pee"; the slow-jam, couples skate tune of the album, and LiveFastDie's "I Need You (Leroy)", which, despite its subject matter, is a hit single in waiting. Miraculously, there are still a few copies of this left, so if this sounds too good to be true, or simply too disgusting to pass up, hop on over to Killer Diller's MySpace and pick yourself up a copy.

In keeping with the all things jenkem theme this week, next we've got a single from Alabama's favorite cough syrup guzzlers, Wizzard Sleeve, whose "Children of Manda" is possibly Wild about Jenkem's most disturbing contribution. After going out of print almost immediately, HoZac has repressed "Mommy's Little Baby" b/w "Pterodactyl Meltdown" in a new edition of 200 copies, thankfully making these fantastically warped tunes available once again for non-eBay prices. The 'Sleeve are the current master of synth-drenched southern-fried psychedelia, and the pair of songs they unleash here are epic, especially the B-Side, which is an absolute flame-thrower, drenched with Munsters-like synth lines, ratty guitar squalls and lyrics that extoll the virtues of being stoned out of your gourd in the stone age. The A-Side is similarly minded, fuzzed and blown-out of its socks by rollicking organ fills and a vocalist that clearly recorded the track with a mouthful of dirt. There's something simultaneously precocious and dangerous about Wizzard Sleeve, and like that lollipop that you drop on the ground yet pick up and put back into your mouth anyway, they're the guilty, fuzz-encrusted pleasure your parents warned you about.

Lastly this week we've got the new single from Brooklyn's Nice Face, "Exterminator" b/w "Fubar Over You" also on the HoZac imprint. Their proper vinyl follow-up to their amazing Sacred Bones debut 7" and the even more incredible Can I Fuck It? cassette on Jerkwave, this two song scorcher is their best material yet, stapling over-heated/modulated Dick Dale riffage to ramshackle rhythms and unmistakable melodies. A-Side "Exterminator" is what Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" would have sounded like had he recorded it in the gutter, its sublimely lovely melodies buried beneath a frantic haze of knotty guitars, loads of reverb and crackling tape hiss. The flipside, "Fubar Over You" is better still, its insistent riff powering the song towards an amazing synth/guitar overload that piledrives the song's head into the ground and refuses to let it up for air. Pick this up now over at the HoZac MySpace before they disappear completely. Also, take a look at the mega-awesome Hitler fucking Stalin artwork of the Gold Edition.

That's all this week, but we promise we'll clean up our act for next week's column where we'll bring you some scrumptious bubblegum platters and a few other surprises. So, for all your good, clean, family fun, make sure to check us out again next week.

The Singles Collection - Wild About Jenkem, Wizzard Sleeve, Nice Face