Kimya Dawson Asks Fans To Stop Calling, Obviously Prefers Late-Night Drunk Texts

Kimya Dawson, better known to some as one half of The Moldy Peaches, probably wishes there were some sort of national superfan do-not-call registry. But until that day comes she's using her blog to remind a few overzealous fans about the limits of decency, and also ways by which she prefers to be stalked.

Our friends at Impose caught this one, a post on Dawson's MySpace blog called "Boundaries." She referenced a lyric from her song "Loose Lips" ("If you're going to kill yourself remember that I love you/Call me up before you're dead, we can make some plans instead") and said it wasn't an invitation to call her up and chat like old girlfriends.

This is not an open invitation for people to seek out my phone number and call my house. It is my way of saying that if you feel like your only option is to die, PLEASE let's talk and figure out another way. I have been known to call fans who were in the midst of a serious crisis. ... But if you find my phone number and call me laughing saying "I know this might seem creepy, but..." I will consider it a tremendous violation of me and my family's privacy and don't be surprised if I tell you that you're actions, although "well intentioned", are fucked up. I am EXTREMELY accessible online. Do not call me just to chat or tell me you like my songs.

Of course, as Impose noted, her MySpace profile (with pictures of her infant child and her very pregnant belly) is about as personal as you can get with somebody without swapping bodily fluids or stalking out their phone number and calling them at home.

The icing on the cake of this self manufactured drama is that Dawson commented on the Impose story, accusing the writer of misconstruing the meaning of what she wrote.

Good job leaving a partial quote out of context. I said... Read the rest of Kimya's comment here.

What's the world coming to? Now if Dawson's fans want to shoot the shit, they're going to have to actually make real friends.

Kimya Dawson Asks Fans To Stop Calling, Obviously Prefers Late-Night Drunk Texts