New Music Thursdays - Miranda Lee Richards

[Photo by Sasha Eisenman]

In the pattern of overnight sensations who've definitely been around since way before last night comes Miranda Lee Richards. She writes, she sings, she walks on water, and you can check her out here.

Richards' first album The Herethereafter was released in 2001, and it's been eight years and an EP of musical tinkering, growth and expansion of sound. Her sophomore album, Light of X, is set to hit stores Feb. 10 on Nettwerk, and it's already got more buzz going than a keg party. She's been listed as on of The Boston Globe's "Nine to Watch 2009" and The Washington Times' "Four to Watch 2009."

It's ephemeral, airy pop with some thoughtful soul infusions that puts Richards' voice at the center of the landscape. She's originally from San Francisco, the child of some pretty famous hippies (her dad was an underground comic and her mom was one of the founding editors of High Times) and it shows a bit sometimes -- but in a good way. There is an organic feel to some of the songs that seems quite in keeping with that philosophy.

Have a listen to "Early November" from Light of X below, and if you want a little behind the scenes look, check out this video about the upcoming album.

Miranda Lee Richards - "Early November"

New Music Thursdays - Miranda Lee Richards