Cheers From Berlin; New Bowie Material On The Way?

Could it be? David Bowie back in the studio for another go at an album? Now citing our second twitter announcement of the day, according to Bowie's -- if it is indeed him -- he is back in Berlin recording new material for the first time since 2003.

The post, which actually states "Cheers from a snowy Berlin! Working on some new material!", was posted in early January, but has not yet been confirmed and Bowie's official website lists no mention of any studio activity Bowie might be partaking in. Here's hoping he is.

Bowie's last studio album Reality, was released in 2003 to mediocre reviews. And in 2008 Bowie sang backing vocals on Scarlett Johannson's Tom Waits cover album Anywhere I Lay My Head. Aside from those two instances and lending his voice to the occasional Spongebob Squarepants episode we have heard little in the way of musical activity from Mr. Bowie until this mysterious Twitter. It would be no surprise if Bowie was in Berlin recording, as he recorded three of his most acclaimed albums -- Low, Heroes and Lodger (now collectively known as his "Berlin Trilogy") -- in the German city.

If he isn't releasing any new material in the near future, at least we can look forward to a Mott the Hoople reunion in October. Mott the Hoople's hit, "All The Young Dudes", was written by Bowie in 1972.

Cheers From Berlin; New Bowie Material On The Way?