Radiohead To Play The Grammys, Is That A Good Thing?

Yeah, it sure is an thrilling prospect: The idea of Radiohead on stage at this years Grammys, making the awards show that much more interesting if not exciting. Yet we're not going to lie; we're left wondering if a part of Thom Yorke and Radiohead's mystique is taking a hit by playing on stage next to the likes of Justin Timberlake, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, the Jonas Brothers and Katy Perry?

Nothing against any of these performers, they all have a reputation deserving of the world's biggest stage, but part of Radiohead's allure is that they are above the mainstream cheese -- not above the mainstream mind you, just the cheese. Conversely, The Grammys never stray from it. Just ask perennial performer Kid Rock.

Maybe Radiohead is like us and feel that The Grammys have taken a step forward this year. The nominations do seem to imply the awards committee is taking a closer look at what is musically respected vs. what gets the most promotion behind it. Of course, Radiohead is one of those rare commodities that embodies both great music and strong worldwide sales, making a performance like this not entirely surprising. But it does beg the question to be asked; why now?

Well, they are up for five awards -- including Album of the Year for In Rainbows -- and Thom Yorke is promoting the show on billboards and TVs near you (possibly part of the performance deal?). But they have been nominated for, and won two Best Alternative Album awards for both Kid A and OK Computer. Maybe they have something awe inspiring planned, like Elvis Costello playing "Radio" on SNL or Nirvana playing the intro to "Rape Me" at the MTV Video Awards.

Or maybe we'll see Jaydiohead come to life on stage -- after all, The Grammys are notorious for pairing unlikely artists together for one-off performances. One need look no further than Kid Rock, who's played interesting collaborations at the Awards show for what seems the last 27 years. This year, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Kanye West will team up to perform a version of their single "Swagga Like Us" and it is rumored that Paul McCartney will play backed on drums by Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

While it is currently unknown whether Radiohead will perform with any other bands at the event, we're going to go on the record and say we are extremely excited to see Radiohead play the 51st Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 8. But we will be holding our collective breaths hoping that this isn't the start of them slowing turning into a band our moms listen to on light FM. Just think of the cheese factor if she alphabetizes Kid Rock under 'R' and they end up next to each other on her CD rack? And all because she saw them on the Grammys.

Radiohead To Play The Grammys, Is That A Good Thing?