Meg White's Drum Kit Hits Auction Block, Terry Reid Realizes No One Cares He Was Almost Robert Plant

Lots of musical memorabilia is hitting the auction block next week as part of a benefit for Detroit music icon Jim Shaw, including one of Meg White's drum kits. We just hope she has a little more luck than woulda-coulda Led Zeppelin-ite Terry Reid.

The drum kit was the one used in The White Stripes' video "The Hardest Button to Button," and it's being auctioned alongside tons of other rock paraphernalia to help Shaw and his family following a very serious cancer diagnosis. The auction and a benefit concert take place on February 7 in Detroit.

It is indeed our hope that they pull in (surely on Meg's drum kit alone) more than the whopping $595.18 price tag that Terry Reid's original contract to be a part of Led Zeppelin sold for on eBay. It's a sad tale, really, sort of like being one number shy of winning the lotto jackpot.

Reid gave the facts to The Daily Mail in an interview last year:

"These guys are my friends. There was no Led Zeppelin at the time when Jimmy Page was trying to put the group together, and if I had have joined, they might not have been the band they are today."

As a fresh-faced 16-year-old, Reid joined a group named Peter Jay and Jaywalkers and caught the eye of the Rolling Stones, who asked the band to support them on their 1966 tour.

At around this time he was approached by Page, who had just left the Yardbirds and was trying to get a new group together.

Reid recalls: “I was asked by Jimmy if I was interested and I said, ‘Yes, but I’m about to go on tour with the Stones’. I was 16 and I had signed a tour contract which I was going to stick to. That was when I mentioned Robert and John. I knew them.”

Plant had been in a group called the Band of Joy with Bonham, and was singing at the time with another band named Hobbstweedle.

“I phoned up Jimmy. and he asked me, ‘What does this singer look like?’ I said, ‘What do you mean, what does he look like? He looks like a Greek god, but that doesn’t matter. I’m talking about the way he sings, and the drummer is awesome.’

Meg White's Drum Kit Hits Auction Block, Terry Reid Realizes No One Cares He Was Almost Robert Plant