New Music Thursdays - Liturgy

[Photo by Jeremy Krinsley]

Times are tough, really tough. Chances are at least one of the many misers (a.k.a friends/coworkers) you encounter in daily living is looking for some pure escapism, and what better way than through a fantastical noise adventure. Recession/winter misery -- meet Brooklyn's Liturgy.

Liturgy takes off in a way Justin Broaderick Godflesh-era would be proud of; loud, off-color, demented, yet surprisingly uplifting and emotional. The commanding combination of distorted vocals, weaving guitars and time-keeping loops and blast beats results in a dizzying propeller of sound that compels you to check how many BPM's that bad boy can take. Comparisons are always a bore, but Liturgy preach from the book of The Berzerker, by way of old school Zao -- raw electronic tone that at first listen may not grab you in melodically, but after experiencing the music as a whole interweaving package will leave you craving the good word more and more.

Evolving from a one man show, Liturgy frontman/axe grinder Hunter Hunt Hendrix has assembled a dream team of musicians to help spread the black metal video game soundtrack gospel. Comprised of second guitarist Bernard Gann, bassist Tyler Dusenbury and drummer Greg Fox, Liturgy's live show is memorable for its irreverently captivating vibe. Hendrix also boasts front-man cred for the equally experimental, stonerific rock band Birthday Boyz, which in stark contrast to the driving force of Liturgy, maintains some seriously well executed harmonies soaked in repetition. Birthday Boyz rocks like a less distorted Mastodon, tight and technical with gritty melody; ironically Bill and Brann of Mastodon were in a band call Lethargy... Oh how the fates align.

The recent crop of Brooklyn death meal proteges isn't much of a shock, with unemployment rates at staggering highs, the late 80s and 90s making a questionable comeback and some of metals' seminal acts returning to the touring circuit, namely Carcass, Napalm Death and At The Gates, and Liturgy reminds us of all of the downtrodden lustre of these bands.

Liturgy - "Beyond The Magic Forest"

New Music Thursdays - Liturgy