New Music Thursdays - The Beets

It's that special time of the week again -- and today we're bringing you a little Crypt-inspired garage and surf rock courtesy of The Beets, straight outta Queens and into our hearts.

It should be noted, of course, that we're talking about these Beets, not these Beets. They are Juan Wauters on guitar and vocals, Jose Garcia on bass and vocals, Jacob Warstler on drums and vocals and (according to the band's MySpace profile) Matthew Volz as "official artist and muse" and Emi Delico as "musical, spiritual and psychological support."

Together for about two years, The Beets' sound takes the garage (un)sensibility of The Black Lips and mixes it with the casual, almost lazy vocal stylings of the Vivian Girls. They're actually closer in vein to Brooklyn's caUSE co-MOTION, but we like throwing around famous people's names. The result is a little garage, a little bit 60s mod, and the teeniest tiniest bit of surf rock. The Beets are like the poor-man's Kinks -- which would be the Monks, but who remembers them? If you do, you'll love the track "Happy But On My Way".

The Beets - "Happy But On My Way"

New Music Thursdays - The Beets