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Exclusive – Holly Miranda Featuring Kyp Malone "Slow Burn Treason" (Produced By David Sitek)

A friend of the Tripwire sent us the new Holly Miranda record a couple weeks ago and we’ve been obsessed with the song “Slow Burn Treason” ever since. Despite the fact she just finished the recording and has yet to announce any release plans (we were told by her management it is coming out “later this year”), we’re going to go on the record saying this is the best record David Sitek has produced since Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. read more »

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Gits Drummer Steve Moriarity Comments On Mia Zapata Killer's Reinstated Prison Sentence

Mia Zapata and her band The Gits, were a fixture in the exploding music scene of early 1990s Seattle. Alongside bands like 7 Year Bitch, Mudhoney, The Fast Backs, Nirvana and Green River, The Gits mixed elements of punk and hard rock to create a whole new Alternative sound… then, Zapata was found dead. A victim of a brutal rape, beating and strangulation. That was July 7, 1993. read more »

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Throbbing Gristle To Play First Ever NYC Show, Chicago And San Francisco

After announcing last week that they would be playing this year’s Coachella music festival in April, industrial rockers, Throbbing Gristle have gone and surprised fans once more, booking their first ever New York City appearance. read more »

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King Khan And The Shrines Live At Amoeba Records

The fine people at Amoeba Records sent us this video performance made possible by a recent visit to their store by King Khan And The Shrines. They assures us it was an amazing performance, which you can now witness — along with an interview — on the Amoeba website. Or here. read more »

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Robin Williams @ Bimbo's | SF

Robin Williams has run the gamut of the entertainment circuit: movie, sitcom, and voice-over roles have defined his nearly 30-year career in the industry. But it’s his stand-up shows that initially launched the Chicago native into the spotlight, and his gift of imitating voices, witty commentary, and sharp come-backs made his hour-and-a-half “Recharging the Batteries” show at Bimbo’s so memorable. No subject was left untouched: the recent Obama inauguration and the outgoing administration; cars powered by poop; Williams’ stint in rehab for alcoholism; porn. read more »

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Video: Cam’ron, “I Hate My Job”

What? This might be incredible? Cam is talking about his current life? Or assuming the persona of Regular Dude? What is ihiphop? This is confusing!

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Lily Allen Leaks New Album On Myspace

The U.K. might be thinking about placing an internet piracy tax on its residents, but at least British musicians know how to have some fun for free. London based songstress Lily Allen is currently previewing her new record It’s Not Me, It’s You one week prior to release on her MySpace page. read more »

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Video/Gen F: Trai’D, “Sex Pill”

“That’s real life situations…when you keep it real and your fans can say, I actually did that or I actually been through that, then they like, Damn this is some real ass shit. They relate … read more »

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Without implying any sort of negative connotations (in fact, meaning quite the opposite), there’s something very adolescent about Matt And Kim and their latest release, Grand. It could be the simplistic duo of keyboard and drums, or it could be the giddy enthusiastic tone heard in every syllable of Matt Johnson’s voice. It might also be the fact that every time I see drummer Kim Schifino’s face in mid song I am instantly reminded of my best friend in 2nd grade, with eyes pinched and teeth gritted trying to stifle laughter in the back of class. Regardless, Grand succeeds in assaulting the listener with nothing but a good time. read more »

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Freeload: Pill, 4180: The Prescription Mixtape

Now that the rap world basically consists of weekly internet mixtape avalanches, it’s pretty hard to separate the quality from the duds, let alone stay up on everything coming out. In spite of that, we’ve … read more »

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