Exclusive - Holly Miranda Featuring Kyp Malone "Slow Burn Treason" (Produced By David Sitek)

[Holly Miranda in 3D, Photo by Celesta Danger]

A friend of the Tripwire sent us the new Holly Miranda record a couple weeks ago and we've been obsessed with the song "Slow Burn Treason" ever since. Despite the fact she just finished the recording and has yet to announce any release plans (we were told by her management it is coming out "later this year"), we're going to go on the record saying this is the best record David Sitek has produced since Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes.

In fact, that might be why we like "Slow Burn Treason" so much; with Kyp Malone adding the harmonies, it's quite possibly closer sonically to TV On The Radio's breathtaking debut than even their own subsequent albums. The driving soft beats remain Sitek's signature, and they're present from the first seconds of "Treason", but there's something about Miranda's voice that merges so seamlessly and beautifully to the lush landscape that has been provided for her.

It makes us think of a more mainstream-accessible version of These Are Powers: The names and features behind the track are impressive and filled with weighty comparisons, but there is no denying the focus. In the case of TAP, it's Anna Barie, here it's all Holly. You might scoff at this obvious nod since it is her solo record, but the Jealous Girlfriends front woman has honed her craft to gently yet successfully slide away from the more traditional tones of her band. The result seems much more contemporary and forward thinking without losing an ounce of authenticity.

The slow crescendo of the appropriately titled "Slow Burn Treason" climaxes with the repeated line of "Who's going to feel you?" before Miranda and Malone beg us to consider who's going to "lead you," "want you," "haunt you," "love you" and "tease you." Take special note of this section and listen to Holly's voice and range. As she belts out the word "who" while Kyp harmonizes and a string arrangement accompany them both, it proves to be the shining moment of the song -- possibly the album -- and for Holly, it signifies a step towards something much bigger than her jealous roots.

Holly Miranda Featuring Kyp Malone - "Slow Burn Treason" (Produced By David Sitek)

Exclusive - Holly Miranda Featuring Kyp Malone "Slow Burn Treason" (Produced By David Sitek)