Lily Allen Leaks New Album On Myspace

The U.K. might be thinking about placing an internet piracy tax on its residents, but at least British musicians know how to have some fun for free. London based songstress Lily Allen is currently previewing her new record It's Not Me, It's You one week prior to release on her MySpace page.

The merry-melodied Capitol Records artist has put the 12-track-album up on her MySpace music page for anyone to stream for free, but of course the page is also adorned with advertisements encouraging listeners to pre-order the album on iTunes or directly on MySpace.

And in an attempt to take social networking promotion to the next level -- see also the category of "is this really necessary?" -- along with the free stream on her MySpace page, Allen has also branched out onto Facebook where she has a new application called "Lilypoke."  According to Allen's website, Lilypoke will be "the only poking application you'll want to add to your Facebook page," giving you the option to throw a bottle of champagne, a platform shoe, sunglasses, a handbag, oh and of course, the new album at friends. We'd be curious as to what the Amy Winehouse poke application would look like -- maybe it could involve throwing a stay in rehab at a friend you just can't bring yourself to have an intervention for -- but Allen is certainly using internet social networking to it's utmost promotional abilities, and we're sure it will please her throngs of adoring teenage fans.

Now we just sit back and wait to see if "Lilypoke" takes over "Tom Waits' Magical Trunk" as the top band-related Facebook app.

Lily Allen Leaks New Album On Myspace