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Freeload: Lotus Plaza, "Whiteout"

Hey Deerhunter, do you know what it's called when you release multiple albums under different names every year? Market saturation. But considering how poor the market is, we're going to let it slide. It also helps that the band has a track record for churning out quality music — from Cryptograms to Microcastle to Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel and everything else in between, the members of Deerhunter have been killing us with different iterations of ghostlike vocals and feather-soft guitar for a few years now. That's probably a good thing for Deerhunterer Lockett Pundt, whose Lotus Plaza album is another trip down sunny naptime lane. The Lotus Plaza album will be out March 23rd on Kranky, and just because we forgot to post it a couple weeks ago, there is spacey new video for Deerhunter's "White Lie" after the jump.

Download: Lotus Plaza, "Whiteout"

Freeload: Lotus Plaza, "Whiteout"