The Mae Shi Channels Christian Bale's Rage On New Track

The only thing better than celebrities having public meltdowns is celebrities having private meltdowns that are surreptitiously caught on tape. And the only thing better than that? When their rage is sampled to create a really hysterical, catchy track. Christian Bale, meet The Mae Shi.

The Mae Shi, like many of us, saw this little tidbit yesterday about Christian Bale flipping out last summer on the set of Terminator 4 when someone looked at him the wrong way. Okay, that wasn't exactly it, but it was something equally as ridiculous.

Bale's expletive-ridden tirade was, thankfully, caught on tape. And with such great lyrics already written for them, L.A.'s The Mae Shi decided to write a song about the incident. In a statement the band released today along with the new track, they explained:

We thought it was so crazy that we, The Mae Shi, wrote and recorded a song about it. I should clarify and say that this isn't really a Mae Shi song, it's a tribute song we made to celebrate the epic-ness of Christian Bale.

We'll let the song make its own statement.

The Mae Shi - "R U Professional?"

The Mae Shi Channels Christian Bale's Rage On New Track