The Tripwire Podcast 044

00:00:02 Hatcham Social "So So Happy Making" (TBD)
00:02:39 The So So Glos "Throw Your Hands Up" (Green Owl)
00:06:13 Friendly Foes "Full Moon Morning" (Gangplank)
00:08:16 Pretty & Nice "Tora Tora Tora" (Hardly Art)
00:10:19 Eulogies "Bad Connection" (Dangerbird)
00:13:38 I Was A King "Norman Bleik" (Hype City/The Control Group)
00:16:30 Let's Wrestle "Let's Wrestle" (Stolen Recordings)
00:19:02 The Deep Vibration "Coal Mine" (Dualtone)
00:21:13 Saul Williams "The Government" (FADER Label)
00:25:37 Phantogram "Running From The Cops" (BBE/Sub-bombin)
00:29:45 Maus Haus "Rigid Breakfast" (Pretty Blue Presents)
00:32:52 Great Northern "Story" (Eenie Meenie)
00:36:43 Broken Spindles "Introvert" (Blank.Wav)
00:38:33 Doves "Jetstream" (Heavenly)
00:43:59 Venice Ahoy "Fireworks" (unsigned)
00:46:29 break one
00:57:07 Godfathers "This Damn Nation" (Corporate Image) 1986
00:59:56 Lissy Trullie "Boy Boy" (American Myth)
01:03:19 tenniscourts "Over The Moon" (The Sweet Science)
01:05:32 The Hot Melts "Edith" (Epitaph/Wonderland)
01:08:21 Light FM "Black Magic Marker" (self-release)
01:11:53 Loney, Dear "Airport Surroundings" (Polyvinyl)
01:15:13 (We Are) Performance "Let's Start" (Too Much Information)
01:18:38 Post War Years "Whole World On Its Head" (unsigned)
01:22:31 The Bloody Beetroots "Cornelius (Radio Oi!)" (Dim Mak/Downtown)
01:26:23 The Chain Gang Of 1974 "The Clothes I Wear Make Me Good Looking" (unsigned)
01:30:37 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "1999" (Labrador)
01:33:31 Esser "Work It Out" (Transgressive/Chocolate Industries)
01:36:23 Peter Bjorn And John "Nothing To Worry About" (Wichita/Almost Gold)
01:38:50 Golden Boots "Heatwave" (Park The Van)
01:41:29 break two
01:57:00 Absentstar "(Don't You Think) We Owe It To Ourselves" (self-release)


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The Tripwire Podcast 044