When It Comes To Nude Photos On Record Sleeves, Morrissey Ain't Got Nothing On Screeching Weasel

We were going to report on Morrissey's new risque photo that will adorn the artwork of his newest single last Friday evening when everyone else did, but our editor has been waiting for the day when he could slide Screeching Weasel into a Tripwire post. So we held off until he could scan the godfathers of pop-punk's notorious naked bowling photo from Boogadaboogadaboogada to run alongside the aging heartthrob letting it all hang out. Leave it to naked men to bring punks and anglophiles together. [potentially NSFW]

First of all, let us say the Moz has got a damn good body for someone just a few months shy of 50. Maybe he just wanted to let us know that he's aging even more gracefully than we had hoped. The photo of Morrissey and his band (note the physique of the only band member slightly hidden from full view... I know, that's kind of mean, but worth mentioning) is featured on the inside sleeve of his new single, "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris". To paraphrase Pitchfork, we're curious as to how those records are staying in place? Maybe we don't want to know.

Regardless, the photo looks almost accidental with Morrissey in a mid-hair fixing pose, lending to both the authenticity and in-the-moment nature of the shot. Which is why we refused to compare it to the obvious, and instead run it with the ultimate in in-the-moment nude band photography (per our editor's request of course). After all, getting a shot of an entire band, naked, jumping in the air at a bowling alley had to be a pretty spontaneous moment. The photo of a naked Screeching Weasel was included in the insert which accompanied the first 200 copies of their second LP Boogadaboogadaboogada. Originally released in 1988 on Roadkill Records before being signed to Lookout!, it remains the bands best-selling album of their long discography.

Ah, the power of nudity.

[click to see the uncensored photo]

When It Comes To Nude Photos On Record Sleeves, Morrissey Ain't Got Nothing On Screeching Weasel