Blind Man's Colour - "Jimmy Dove" & "The Warm Current's Pull"

If Kanye's going to give us some love for our music tastes, then we're going to give it right back. It just so happens that he recently blogged about these kids from St. Petersburg, Fla., who call themselves Blind Man's Colour and who we also think are pretty damn good.

In a blog eloquently titled Some Dope Shit For My Apartment!! (the same one he posted our nod in), Kanye mentions having found Blind Man's Colour via Indie Rock Cafe. The duo (Kyle Wyss and Orha Chettri) is currently unsigned, but they've got a new album, Season Dreaming, that they're hoping to release soon.

They told Indie Rock Cafe that they've been making music together since 8th grade, and that they're officially shopping their record to labels, looking for a home. They've self-released a few mixes over the years, some of which you can find for download via their blog.

And it has to be said, we're definitely not surprised Kanye likes these guys. The sound texture is thick, bright and full-to-bursting. It's a highly layered electronic sound that still stays true to the basics of rock and pop, which value a well-placed guitar solo and thoughtful rhythmic timing. At times it's very much like a mellowed-out MGMT, with a softer vocal style and a far-away beat that we imagine is what music would sound like from the womb. In a good way.

It should also be noted that BMC is getting attention for covering a current over-hyped band, but we have two originals for you to check out. "Jimmy Dove", which is on their their MySpace, and "The Warm Current's Pull", which is not.

Blind Man's Colour - "Jimmy Dove"

Blind Man's Colour - "The Warm Current's Pull"

Blind Man's Colour - "Jimmy Dove" & "The Warm Current's Pull"