Suite903 DJ: Ge-ology

Suite903: No.15

Back in the late 80's under the name "DJ Plainterror", GE-OLOGY was once the DJ/producer of a four member group "Born Busy" including high school friend, the legendary Tupac Shakur "MC New York"... uniquely cementing him historically as the only producer privileged to record Pac's very first and earliest recordings. And in the early 90's he co-founded the infamous "Dooable Arts" with Matt Reid aka "Matt Doo", through which he first made his mark. Since then he's become synonymously known for album cover art, T-shirt graphics, magazine illustrations and collaborative mural paintings with his fellow Barnstormers crew (a famed artist collective created by Davd Ellis aka SKWERM), as much as he's known for producing tracks with the likes of Mos Def, Vinia Mojica, Talib Kweli, Sadat X, Pharoahe Monch, Jem, Mystic or his remixes for Pete Rock & Grand Agent. Boasting international acclaim, one of his most recognized paintings is the Rawkus classic "Body Rock" cover featuring Mos Def, Q-Tip and Tash from Tha Alkaholiks (featured in Andrew Emery's "The Book of Hip Hop Cover Art" and listed at #3 in "EgoTrip's Book of Rap List" 25 Great EP, 12" & CD Single Covers section).

But to truly understand GE-OLOGY, one must not underestimate his influence, depth and versatility. Embracing the sacred principles and wisdom of great masters yet challenging convention with youthful rebellion, GE-OLOGY's instinctual balance is somewhat of an anomaly in today's clone driven mass-produced digitized society. His recognizable identity through sound, vision and consistency hasn't gone unnoticed, thus resulting in a steady stream of exposure in numerous magazines such as XLR8R, The Fader, Frank 151, Style and Urb; cable network staple MTV News "You Hear It First"; and creative involvement in projects with international corporate giants such as Sweden's Hennes & Mauritz (H&M stores) and the prestigious French cognac maker Hennessy. Though creatively venturing from the street level to infiltrating the creative commercial world, GE-OLOGY has never wavered from keeping his craft responsibly honest to the delight of longtime supporters... always maintaining his creative integrity. As evident in the barrage of fan mail from his international core audience, GE-OLOGY continues to open eyes... and this is only the beginning.

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Download: Ge-Ology feat. Yukimi Nagano, "Blues Alley"

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Suite903 DJ: Ge-ology