Glastonbury 2009 Sells Out Completely With No Confirmed Line-Up

With the news this week that slow ticket sales forced Langerado organizers to cancel (even with this bill of artists), this story from across the ocean comes with even more irony than usual: Tickets for the Glastonbury music festival have completely sold out without announcing any confirmed artists.

Glasto is 900 acres of (usually muddy) musical glee, and last year featured acts like Kings of Leon, MGMT, Jay-Z, Ben Folds, Mark Ronson, our friend Seasick Steve, and the list goes on and on and on. Of course, however impressive that list of names, we've got no clue who or what might or might not be going down at this year's festival. We just know that whatever it is, almost 200,000 people will be enjoying it together in small tents and huddles of women sharing powder shampoo.

If you're still hoping for a chance to make it to Glasto in 2009, there is a glimmer of hope -- a limited number of cancelled tickets will be available on april 5 beginning at 9 a.m., but you'll need to register here if you want to be eligible.

Tickets originally went on sale October 5, with a new program this year allowing ticket buyers to put down a £50 deposit and pay off the balance of the £175 full-weekend cost by February 1.

Glastonbury 2009 Sells Out Completely With No Confirmed Line-Up