Talk Normal - "Lemonade"

We mentioned them before, but we figured it was time to give our favorite all-female noise duo their own proper post. And following on our tip of mentioning bands that famous people like, Talk Normal comes pre-approved by none other than Marnie Stern.

Talk Normal is comprised of drummer Andrya Ambro and guitarist Sarah Register. To quote ourselves, we’ve witnessed an astute musical maturation process happening with the girls from Talk Normal. What started as misconstrued noise has morphed into distinct patterns backed by a wall of sound. It reminds us a bit of early Magik Markers, which is always good company to keep.

Now to quote Mike Wolf from the Talk Normal bio, Here's a pin on the map, if you promise not to get stuck on it: No Wave. Yeah, it's au courant. But influences are to inspire, not to mimic. Lydia Lunch described a scene where the freaks and outcasts ran to "land's end and all at once screamed their bloody heads off." Thirty years of erosion and now the edge has come to you. What are you going to do, try to scream like they did then? Or should you choose to accept…Talk Normal.

The track "Lemonade" represents one their most accessible songs -- whatever that means -- and along with four others, make up the Secret Cog EP, which will be self-released on March 3. From there, Talk Normal will take the release celebration on the road and down to SxSW.

Talk Normal - "Lemonade"

Talk Normal tour dates
02.27.09 - Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (Bard College)# w/TALL FIRS & RED DAWN II
02.28.09 - Amherst, MA (Hampshire College)#
03.11.09 - Brooklyn, NY (Death By Audio)&
03.13.09 - Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield Artworks)**
03.15.09 - Iowa City, IO (Public Space One)##
03.16.09 - Lawrence, KS (8th Street Taproom)&&
03.18.09 - Austin, TX (Natrix Natrix House)
03.19.09 - Austin, TX (SxSW)
03.20.09 - Austin, TX (SxSW, Knitting Factory Day Party)
03.21.09 - Austin, TX (SxSW)
03.22.09 - Houston, TX (TBA)*
03.23.09 - Jackson, MS (TBA)*
03.24.09 - Birmingham, AL (TBA)*
03.25.09 - Greenville, NC (TBA)*
03.26.09 - Chapel Hill, NC (TBA)*
03.27.09 - Philadelphia, PA (TBA)*

* w/ US Girls
# w/Tall Firs and Red Dawn II
& w/AIDS Wolf, Sightings, Fiasco, US Girls
** w/ Edie Sedgwick, Medications, Afuche & Eat Sugar
## w/ AIDS Wolf, US Girls, Wet Hair
&& w/ Boo & Boo Too, Coat Party

Talk Normal - "Lemonade"