Osama Bin Laden's Niece To Collaborate With The Black Lips

Osama Bin Laden is nowhere to be found, but we know where his niece is. The up and coming musician and model will be performing in London and is planning on collaborating in the studio with the always-controversial and ever-so-rowdy Black Lips.

Wafah Dufour, who changed her last name from Bin Laden when her parents divorced, is a fan of the Black Lips, and spoke to the band's manager about working together. We're pretty positive Uncle Osama wouldn't be too pleased about his niece's decision to work with Black Lips, especially with their track record of naked stage diving, man-on-man making out on stage, and overall ridiculous behavior, but according to the Lips, the band is more than happy to be working with Dufour.

"We're really honored," Cole Alexander, guitarist of Black Lips, told NME. "She came to a show in New York and then came to see us in London. She's a fan and has aspirations to be a musician."

Dufour is not new to the spotlight, or creating controversy herself. in 2006 she posed naked for GQ, so hanging out with the guys from Black Lips will probably suit her well. She will also be playing a show in London at the Dead or Alive club night at the Bullet Bar on February 26th, but if you don't get to experience the mystery behind the sultry singer live, you can at least take a look at her MySpace and hear what one of Osama's 300 nieces/nephews sound like singing.

Osama Bin Laden's Niece To Collaborate With The Black Lips