Chris Brown And Rihanna Saga Continues As New Info Is Revealed

We're starting to feel like TMZ-lite over here, but we keep getting fed information regarding the Chris Brown and Rihanna story, that we're compelled to share it with you.

As we reported earlier this week, R&B phenom Chris Brown is under investigation with the Los Angeles District Attorney after being charged with the alleged assault of girlfriend, and fellow artist, Rihanna, on Sunday morning. Now just a few days after the violent fight, new important details have surfaced, shedding light onto the brutal lover's quarrel, leaving the D.A. wanting more insight into the case before Brown becomes a jailbird.

Rihanna and Brown allegedly began fighting after leaving Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party late Saturday night, leading them to L.A.'s Hancock Park, where the fight escalated and became violent. E! Online reported that Chris Brown threatened to kill the 20-year-old singer after she threw the keys of his Lamborghini on the ground.

The two then got out of the car, creating a spectacle witnessed by many bystanders that eventually led to Brown fleeing the scene, where Rihanna was apparently left near-unconscious, with visible injuries to her face, arms, and rest of her body -- including bite-marks. When police arrived to the scene the singer was taken immediately to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was treated.

Rihanna's people have yet to confirm that she was the victim of Chris Brown's outrageous attacks, only saying, "Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support." But inside sources have revealed to us that Rihanna was indeed involved in the fight, and that she and Brown were already broken up prior to the incident and were only keeping up appearances until after the Grammys.

Our source close to Rihanna PR camp revealed that the fight started over Chris Brown's new girlfriend, who was allegedly trailing the two that night after they left Davis' party. Rihanna then reportedly slapped Brown, which caused the singer to freak out and assault her. It has also been reported that Brown's new girlfriend, whose identity is still unknown, is who Brown left the scene of the incident with.

On top of the assault charges, Brown, who is out on $50,000 bail, has now also been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in relation to the event. Though no weapons were found at the scene or in Brown's car, the use of his fists could be considered 'deadly' in the attack of a woman.

Along of the backlash from the incident, Rihanna has just postponed her Malaysian concert. The Malaysian promoter Pineapple Concerts said Rihanna canceled the show "in light of recent events involving Rihanna," according to the New York Times. Wrigley Gum has also canceled an advertising campaign featuring Brown as the new face for Doublemint gum, and many radio stations have opted to pull Brown's music from airwaves until further information is revealed about the fight.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Saga Continues As New Info Is Revealed