Kid Congo Powers Remembers Lux Interior

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"I remember Lux as glowing," writes Kid Congo Powers, recalling the late front man of the The Cramps on his blog yesterday. "The rockabilly howler, the psychedelic seer, the latex and high heels pervert, the late night horror host, the most exhalted potentate of love, the king of rock and roll. Lux was all these things and so much more."

Kid wrote he was honored to have known the amazing and magical Lux Interior, who influenced the guitarist greatly. "It didn't take more than witnessing one song of The Cramps live to realize Lux burned with an uncontainable wildfire within. He possessed the uncanny talent for zeroing in on the absolute essence and beauty of the wild and weird, be it in records, films, books, photography or art from all eras past, especially those looking way into the future."

Kid also fondly recalls one of the last times he had seen Lux, in 2006 at one of their last shows in New York City. "It had been years since I had met up with the band and backstage Lux kept hugging and kissing me. I was so happy to see them again."

"During the always chaotic rendition of "Surfin Bird" Lux climbed on the stacked drum monitors, peeking out of a slit in the long black velvet curtains so that all you saw was his bleached blond head glowing beautiful and grotesque, I saw the always cool Poison Ivy look up and start laughing with appreciation and love. At that moment I was incredibly touched and so thankful for The Cramps."

A few months after the Cramps show, Lux had come to see Kid in his new band, The Pink Monkey Birds. It was the last time Kid would see Lux in person. "Lux was a bit tipsy and very kissy again and full of love. My sister Barbara was selling our merch and Lux ran behind the table to greet her after not seeing her for 25 years. What a sweetheart. He commented to me that some of my stage patter could have come from his mouth."

Kid ended the endearing post -- which you can read in it's entirety here -- by simply stating, "We miss him already."

Kid is just one of the many mourning the death of the revered front man. You can read friend and former label rep, Kevin Patrick's, memoriam here

Kid Congo Powers Remembers Lux Interior