New Music Thursdays - Dinowalrus

This week's addition of New Music Thursdays we're bringing it home. Well, it's not home for everyone at the Tripwire, but Brooklyn is so close to our New York offices that we can't help but feel like we're kindred spirits with all of the beautiful music permeating out of the fine borough. First up is a band that is making noise in the Brooklyn diy scene -- literally and figuratively -- as large as their name would suggest.

Dinowalrus is a three-person drum n' drone band out of Brooklyn, NY whose current live incarnation began in 2006. In an attempt to capture some of the spontaneity of their improvisational instincts and retain the complex spatiality of their recorded experiments, they re-invent their instrumentation with every song and every performance. Some tunes feature dueling Lee n’ Thurston guitar interplay between Pete and Kyle, some feature Kyle frantically playing the bass, sampler and synthesizer simultaneously, and others revolve around Josh drumming toe-to-toe with electronic beats. To us it kind of sounds like an updated Butthole Surfers -- which is never a bad thing. The still-young band relies heavily on the use of self-sustaining electronic devices to push its sound into a lush atmospheric haze, including an optical theremin, a sampler, and a 1983 Roland analogue synth.

They just self-released their first proper 7" with the single "Electric Car, Gas Guitar" on the a-side with "Cage Those Pythons" on the flip. It features a bi-fold insert design that the band created and was screenprinted by Ian Graezter of Titus Andronicus on leftover cardstock from their "Albert Camus" 7" on Troubleman Unlimited (nice touch), and each jacket is hand-numbered. They plan on releasing a full-length later this year on the once-defunct Female Fun Records, who before being forced to stop operations due to the bankruptcy of Studio Distribution, put out records by Prince Paul and MF Doom. You can check out "Electric Car, Gas Guitar" below.

Dinowalrus - "Electric Car, Gas Guitar"

New Music Thursdays - Dinowalrus