New Music Thursdays - Graffiti Monsters

[Photo by Richard Gin]

Keeping it in Brooklyn this Thursday, but moving from psych to 8-bit punk, we bring you Graffiti Monsters. The brainchild of artist and musician Mark DeNardo and comprised of an all-star Brooklyn band including Louis Shannon [Runtime Error], Julian Bennett Holmes [Fiasco], and Jeremy Wolfe Kivett [Sousalves], Graffiti Monsters has been making friends and playing shows in the New York punk circuit, the 8-bitpeoples collectives, and Brooklyn noise scene since the start of 2008.

While they're bros with the 8-bitpeoples collective and standouts Anamanaguchi, Graffiti Monsters bring a bit more diversity to the table than most of their Nintendo-inspired brethren. Infusing indie-rock and noise into equation, we're left with something like Pavement or the Talking Heads on a freak-out, all-night video-game bender. Check out this rough mix of the single "100%", which we're told will appear on an upcoming record soon and you can catch the band at one of 6 or 7 shows at SxSW.

Graffiti Monsters - "100%"

New Music Thursdays - Graffiti Monsters