New York Independent Music’s Hottest Dateable Former FADER Cover Star and Mogul-Bachelor!

Internet dating is pretty 1999 in general. Speed dating is coming back with a vengeance. Yet apparently the next level in new media matchmaking is becoming interesting/accomplished enough to have a local events magazine write a mini-feature about you. This is what happened to Rich Zerbo, proprietor of the excellent record label The Social Registry and F55 cover star Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, clearly men in possession of some top-notch dating credentials. Think about it: you already know they have great taste in music (Miles: a totally excellent debut album. Rich: Gang Gang? Growing? I.U.D.? Doy!). We learn in their profiles that Miles is a bookworm (“Literate”) who will put together your Ikea furniture while watching You’ve Got Mail with you (“I enjoy records, rom-coms and carpentry”). Meanwhile Rich is generous (“I sometimes offer up my couch for 14 days at a time to people I hardly know”) and practices good hygiene (“I sincerely hope I can squeeze in a haircut before the photo shoot”). Valentine’s Day is real whatever to us but who can deny the undertow of potential romance with a nice boy from Brooklyn?! If you want to holler at these enterprising young men you can email or If you like stand-up, you could also peruse the rest of the Time Out New York date pool: they seem to have uncovered every single comedian in Manhattan. At the very least you will be participating in economic zeitgeist.

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